You can download the latest release version of jXLS library from sourceforge site


To use jXLS engine you have to put jxls-core jar in your classpath.

And if you are planning to use jXLS to read XLS files you have to add jxls-reader jar file to your classpath.

If you use Maven to build your application you can specify required jXLS modules in your pom.xml as dependencies to allow them to be downloaded from Maven repository

The following Apache libraries are also required to be on your classpath.

Note: jXLS may not work with legacy POI library releases. If you have any issues related to legacy POI api try to use older jXLS releases

Building from source

You can build jXLS from source code if you need to get the latest changes which are not released yet. You will need Subversion client to get the source code and Apache Maven to build it. It can be done with such steps

  1. Get the latest jXLS source code from Sourceforge Subversion using the following command
                    svn co jxls
  2. Run following Maven command to build jXLS and install it into your local repository
    mvn clean install