You can export a list of objects into Excel with a single line of code by using SimpleExporter class.

This is achieved by using a special built-in template containing GridCommand.

How to use

Just create a SimpleExporter instance and run its gridExport method

new SimpleExporter().gridExport(headers, dataObjects, propertyNames, outputStream);


  • headers - a collection of headers
  • dataObjects - a collection of data objects
  • propertyNames - a comma-separated list of object properties
  • outputStream - an output stream to write the final Excel

See SimpleExporter example to see it in action.

Custom Template

You may register your own template to be used by SimpleExporter with its registerGridTemplate method.

public void registerGridTemplate(InputStream templateInputStream)

The template must have a GridCommand defined in it.

See SimpleExporter example for an example on how to do it.

Transformer Support Note

Since [GridCommand](grid_command.html is currently supported only in POI transformer you have to use POI when working with SimpleExporter.