Multi Sheet Markup demo


This example shows how to use excel markup to output a collection into multiple excel worksheets. The reference information about multiple sheet processing in JXLS can be found in Multiple sheet generation

In this example we will operate on a list of Department containing a list of Employee objects

public class Department {
    private String name;
    private Employee chief;
    private List<Employee> staff = new ArrayList<Employee>();
    private String link;

    // getters/setters

public class Employee {
    private String name;
    private int age;
    private Double payment;
    private Double bonus;
    private Date birthDate;
    private Employee superior;

    // getters/setters

Report template

The report template for this example looks like this

Multi Sheet template

The multi-sheet related markup is in this instruction

jx:each(items="departments", var="department", lastCell="G10" multisheet="sheetNames")

Here we indicate that each item of a departments collection should be put on a separate sheet from a list of sheet names in sheetNames variable in the context.

Java code

    List<Department> departments = EachIfCommandDemo.createDepartments();"Opening input stream");
    try (InputStream is = MultiSheetMarkupDemo.class.getResourceAsStream(template)) {
        try (OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(output)) {
            Context context = PoiTransformer.createInitialContext();
            context.putVar("departments", departments);
            context.putVar("sheetNames", Arrays.asList(
            // with multi sheets it is better to use StandardFormulaProcessor by disabling the FastFormulaProcessor
            JxlsHelper.getInstance().setUseFastFormulaProcessor(false).processTemplate(is, os, context);

In the code above we associate the sheetNames variable in the context with a list of department names to have each department worksheet to have the same name as the department name.

Excel output

Final report for this example is shown on the following screenshot

Multi Sheet output

Each department is generated on a separate worksheet.