Multiple Sheet CellRefGenerator demo


This example shows how to use output a collection into multiple excel worksheets. More information can be found in Multiple sheet generation

In this example we will use Department and Employee objects

public class Department {
    private String name;
    private Employee chief;
    private List<Employee> staff = new ArrayList<Employee>();
    private String link;

    // getters/setters

public class Employee {
    private String name;
    private int age;
    private Double payment;
    private Double bonus;
    private Date birthDate;
    private Employee superior;

    // getters/setters

Report template

The report template for this example looks like this

Multi Sheet template

Java code

In this example we will use Jxls POI transformer to generate the report. If necessary you can easily modify it to use Jexcel transformer.

    List<Department> departments = EachIfCommandDemo.createDepartments();"Opening input stream");
    try(InputStream is = EachIfCommandDemo.class.getResourceAsStream(template)) {
        try (OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(output)) {
            Transformer transformer = TransformerFactory.createTransformer(is, os);
            System.out.println("Creating area");
            XlsArea xlsArea = new XlsArea("Template!A1:G15", transformer);
            XlsArea departmentArea = new XlsArea("Template!A2:G12", transformer);
            EachCommand departmentEachCommand = new EachCommand("department", "departments", departmentArea, new SimpleCellRefGenerator());
            XlsArea employeeArea = new XlsArea("Template!A9:F9", transformer);
            XlsArea ifArea = new XlsArea("Template!A18:F18", transformer);
            IfCommand ifCommand = new IfCommand("employee.payment <= 2000",
                    new XlsArea("Template!A9:F9", transformer));
            employeeArea.addCommand(new AreaRef("Template!A9:F9"), ifCommand);
            Command employeeEachCommand = new EachCommand("employee", "department.staff", employeeArea);
            departmentArea.addCommand(new AreaRef("Template!A9:F9"), employeeEachCommand);
            xlsArea.addCommand(new AreaRef("Template!A2:F12"), departmentEachCommand);
            Context context = new Context();
            context.putVar("departments", departments);
  "Applying at cell Sheet!A1");
            xlsArea.applyAt(new CellRef("Sheet!A1"), context);
  "written to file");

Excel output

Final report for this example is shown on the following screenshot

Multi Sheet output

Each department is generated on a separate worksheet.