Object Collection Sample


This sample shows how to output a collection of Java objects into Excel with Jxls.

We will use a list of the following Employee objects to demonstrate how to output an object collection to Excel with Jxls.

public class Employee {
    private String name;
    private int age;
    private Double payment;
    private Double bonus;
    private Date birthDate;
    private Employee superior;

    // getters/setters

Report template

The report template for this example uses Comment markup to define the transformation areas. It looks like this

Object collection template

Java code

The Java code uses looks like this

    List<Employee> employees = generateSampleEmployeeData();
    try(InputStream is = ObjectCollectionDemo.class.getResourceAsStream("object_collection_template.xls")) {
        try (OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream("target/object_collection_output.xls")) {
            Context context = new Context();
            context.putVar("employees", employees);
            JxlsHelper.getInstance().processTemplate(is, os, context);

Excel output

Final report for this example is shown on the following screenshot

Object collection output